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IP66. Kvaliteetne vastupidav ATEX klassi tööstusvalgusti.


The explosion proof light fitting of Airfal PYROS is designed to operate in environments that can be formed or an explosive atmosphere being present according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC.
The ITC-BT-29 BOE No. 224, based on R.D. 400/1996 establishes the hazardous locations where products must be installed with ATEX:
• Locations where volatile flammable liquid transfer from one container to another.
• Garages and car repair shops. It excludes garages of private use for parking of 5 vehicles or less.
• Interiors of paint booths where spray systems are used and their immediate environment when using solvents .
• Dries of material with inflammable solvents
• Places of extraction of fats and oils that use inflammable solvents.
• Places with warehouses of inflammable opened liquids or that could be opened.
• Zones of laundries and dry cleaner’s shops in which inflammable liquids are used.
• Rooms of fuels.
• Facilities where they take place, manipulate, store or consume inflammable gases.
• Pump rooms and / or compressor flammable liquids and gases.
• Interiors of refrigerators and freezers in which inflammable matters are stored in opened containers, easily perforables or with slightly consistent closings
Any other emplacement where there exists risk of explosion or of fire due to the presence of inflammable substances.

General characteristics

  • Light fitting body: Polycarbonate tube of 3 mm thickness.
  • Reflector: Lacquered steel painted white.
  • End caps: Aluminum 2030 (polyester paint RAL 7047).
  • Marked ATEX 94/9/CE: II 2GD Ex d IIC T6 Gb. Ex t IIIC T85º C Db.
  • Equipment: Electronic or dimmable.
  • Working temperature: From -25° C to +55° C.
  • Wiring entry: M25 screw type (2 entries).
  • Accesories: 2 zinc covered clamps, with rubber protection and 2 eyebolt holders.
  • Glow wire test: 960 °C.